5.2.0 (3 September 2017)

  • test_datetime and test_time now accept a datetime instance during instantiation to set the initial value.
  • test_date now accepts a date instance during instantiation to set the initial value.
  • Relax the restriction on adding, setting or instantiating test_datetime with tzinfo such that if the tzinfo matches the one configured, then it’s okay to add. This means that you can now instantiate a test_datetime with an existing datetime instance that has tzinfo set.
  • testfixtures.django.compare_model() now ignores many to many fields rather than blowing up on them.
  • Drop official support for Python 3.4, although things should continue to work.

5.1.1 (8 June 2017)

  • Fix support for Django 1.9 in testfixtures.django.compare_model().

5.1.0 (8 June 2017)

  • Added support for including non-edit able fields to the comparer used by compare() when comparing django Model instances.

5.0.0 (5 June 2017)

  • Move from nose to pytest for running tests.
  • Switch from manuel to sybil for checking examples in documentation. This introduces a backwards incompatible change in that FileParser replaces the Manuel plugin that is no longer included.
  • Add a ‘tick’ method to test_datetime, test_date and test_time, to advance the returned point in time, which is particularly helpful when delta is set to zero.

4.14.3 (15 May 2017)

  • Fix build environment bug in .travis.yml that caused bad tarballs.

4.14.2 (15 May 2017)

  • New release as it looks like Travis mis-built the 4.14.1 tarball.

4.14.1 (15 May 2017)

  • Fix mis-merge.

4.14.0 (15 May 2017)

  • Added helpers for testing with django Model instances.

4.13.5 (1 March 2017)

  • compare() now correctly compares nested empty dictionaries when using ignore_eq=True.

4.13.4 (6 February 2017)

4.13.3 (13 December 2016)

  • compare() now better handles equality comparison with ignore_eq=True when either of the objects being compared cannot be hashed.

4.13.2 (16 November 2016)

  • Fixed a bug where a LogCapture wouldn’t be cleared when used via log_capture() on a base class and sub class execute the same test.

Thanks to “mlabonte” for the bug report.

4.13.1 (2 November 2016)

  • When ignore_eq is used with compare(), fall back to comparing by hash if not type-specific comparer can be found.

4.13.0 (2 November 2016)

  • Add support to compare() for ignoring broken __eq__ implementations.

4.12.0 (18 October 2016)

  • Add support for specifying a callable to extract rows from log records when using LogCapture.
  • Add support for recursive comparison of log messages with LogCapture.

4.11.0 (12 October 2016)

4.10.1 (5 September 2016)

Thanks to Maximilian Albert for the docs.

4.10.0 (17 May 2016)

Thanks to Asaf Peleg for the RangeComparison implementation.

4.9.1 (19 February 2016)

  • Fix for use with PyPy, broken since 4.8.0.

Thanks to Nicola Iarocci for the pull request to fix.

4.9.0 (18 February 2016)

  • Added the suffix parameter to compare() to allow failure messages to include some additional context.
  • Update package metadata to indicate Python 3.5 compatibility.

Thanks for Felix Yan for the metadata patch.

Thanks to Wim Glenn for the suffix patch.

4.8.0 (2 February 2016)

4.7.0 (10 December 2015)

  • Add the ability to pass raises=False to compare() to just get the resulting message back rather than having an exception raised.

4.6.0 (3 December 2015)

  • Fix a bug that mean symlinked directories would never show up when using and friends.
  • Add the followlinks parameter to to indicate that symlinked or hard linked directories should be recursed into when using recursive=True.

4.5.1 (23 November 2015)

  • Switch from cStringIO to StringIO in OutputCapture to better handle unicode being written to stdout or stderr.

Thanks to “tell-k” for the patch.

4.5.0 (13 November 2015)

Thanks to Daniel Fortunov for the pull request.

4.4.0 (1 November 2015)

  • Add support for labelling the arguments passed to compare().
  • Allow expected and actual keyword parameters to be passed to compare().
  • Fix TypeError: unorderable types when compare() found multiple differences in sets and dictionaries on Python 3.
  • Add official support for Python 3.5.
  • Drop official support for Python 2.6.

Thanks to Daniel Fortunov for the initial ideas for explicit expected and actual support in compare().

4.3.3 (15 September 2015)

  • Add wheel distribution to release.
  • Attempt to fix up various niggles from the move to Travis CI for doing releases.

4.3.2 (15 September 2015)

  • Fix broken 4.3.1 tag.

4.3.1 (15 September 2015)

  • Fix build problems introduced by moving the build process to Travis CI.

4.3.0 (15 September 2015)

4.2.0 (11 August 2015)

Thanks to BATS Global Markets for donating the code for MockPopen.

4.1.2 (30 January 2015)

  • Clarify documentation for name parameter to LogCapture.
  • ShouldRaise now shows different output when two exceptions have the same representation but still differ.
  • Fix bug that could result in a dict comparing equal to a list.

Thanks to Daniel Fortunov for the documentation clarification.

4.1.1 (30 October 2014)

  • Fix bug that prevented logger propagation to be controlled by the log_capture decorator.

Thanks to John Kristensen for the fix.

4.1.0 (14 October 2014)

  • Fix compare() bug when dict instances with tuple keys were not equal.
  • Allow logger propagation to be controlled by LogCapture.
  • Enabled disabled loggers if a LogCapture is attached to them.

Thanks to Daniel Fortunov for the compare() fix.

4.0.2 (10 September 2014)

  • Fix “maximum recursion depth exceeded” when comparing a string with bytes that did not contain the same character.

4.0.1 (4 August 2014)

  • Fix bugs when string compared equal and options to compare() were used.
  • Fix bug when strictly comparing two nested structures containing identical objects.

4.0.0 (22 July 2014)

  • Moved from buildout to virtualenv for development.
  • The identity singleton is no longer needed and has been removed.
  • compare() will now work recursively on data structures for which it has registered comparers, giving more detailed feedback on nested data structures. Strict comparison will also be applied recursively.
  • Re-work the interfaces for using custom comparers with compare().
  • Better feedback when comparing collections.namedtuple() instances.
  • Official support for Python 3.4.

Thanks to Yevgen Kovalienia for the typo fix in Mocking dates and times.

3.1.0 (25 May 2014)

  • Added RoundComparison helper for comparing numerics to a specific precision.
  • Added unless parameter to ShouldRaise to cover some very specific edge cases.
  • Fix missing imports that showed up TempDirectory had to do the “convoluted folder delete” dance on Windows.

Thanks to Jon Thompson for the RoundComparison implementation.

Thanks to Matthias Lehmann for the import error reports.

3.0.2 (7 April 2014)

3.0.1 (10 June 2013)

  • Some documentation tweaks and clarifications.
  • Fixed a bug which masked exceptions when using compare() with a broken generator.
  • Fixed a bug when comparing a generator with a non-generator.
  • Ensure LogCapture cleans up global state it may effect.
  • Fixed replacement of static methods using a Replacer.

3.0.0 (5 March 2013)

2.3.5 (13 August 2012)

  • Fixed a bug in compare_dict() that mean the list of keys that were the same was returned in an unsorted order.

2.3.4 (31 January 2012)

  • Fixed compatibility with Python 2.5
  • Fixed compatibility with Python 2.7
  • Development model moved to continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Introduced Tox based testing to ensure packaging and dependencies are as expected.
  • 100% line and branch coverage with tests.
  • Mark test_datetime, test_date and test_time such that nose doesn’t mistake them as tests.

2.3.3 (12 December 2011)

  • Fixed a bug where when a target was replaced more than once using a single Replacer, restore() would not correctly restore the original.

2.3.2 (10 November 2011)

  • Fixed a bug where attributes and keys could not be removed by a Replacer as described in Removing attributes and dictionary items if the attribute or key might not be there, such as where a test wants to ensure an os.environ variable is not set.

2.3.1 (8 November 2011)

  • Move to use nose for running the TestFixtures unit tests.
  • Fixed a bug where returned an instance of the wrong type when tzinfo was passed in strict mode.

2.3.0 (11 October 2011)

  • Replacer, TempDirectory, LogCapture and TestComponents instances will now warn if the process they are created in exits without them being cleaned up. Instances of these classes should be cleaned up at the end of each test and these warnings serve to point to a cause for possible mysterious failures elsewhere.

2.2.0 (4 October 2011)

  • Add a strict mode to test_datetime and test_date. When used, instances returned from the mocks are instances of those mocks. The default behaviour is now to return instances of the real datetime and date classes instead, which is usually much more useful.

2.1.0 (29 September 2011)

  • Add a strict mode to compare(). When used, it ensures that the values compared are not only equal but also of the same type. This mode is not used by default, and the default mode restores the more commonly useful functionality where values of similar types but that aren’t equal give useful feedback about differences.

2.0.1 (23 September 2011)

  • add back functionality to allow comparison of generators with non-generators.

2.0.0 (23 September 2011)

  • compare() now uses a registry of comparers that can be modified either by passing a registry option to compare() or, globally, using the register() function.
  • added a comparer for set instances to compare().
  • added a new show_whitespace parameter to compare_text(), the comparer used when comparing strings and unicodes with compare().
  • The internal queue for test_datetime is now considered to be in local time. This has implication on the values returned from both now() and utcnow() when tzinfo is passed to the test_datetime constructor.
  • set() and add() on test_date, test_datetime and test_time now accept instances of the appropriate type as an alternative to just passing in the parameters to create the instance.
  • Refactored the monolithic into modules for each type of functionality.

1.12.0 (16 August 2011)

  • Add a captured property to OutputCapture so that more complex assertion can be made about the output that has been captured.
  • OutputCapture context managers can now be temporarily disabled using their disable() method.
  • Logging can now be captured only when it exceeds a specified logging level.
  • The handling of timezones has been reworked in both test_datetime() and test_time(). This is not backwards compatible but is much more useful and correct.

1.11.3 (3 August 2011)

1.11.2 (28 July 2011)

  • Fix for 1.10 and 1.11 releases that didn’t include files as a result of the move from subversion to git.

1.11.1 (28 July 2011)

1.11.0 (27 July 2011)

  • Give more useful output when comparing dicts and their subclasses.
  • Turn should_raise into a decorator form of ShouldRaise rather than the rather out-moded wrapper function that it was.

1.10.0 (19 July 2011)

  • Remove dependency on zope.dottedname.
  • Implement the ability to mock out dict and list items using Replacer and replace().
  • Implement the ability to remove attributes and dict items using Replacer and replace().

1.9.2 (20 April 2011)

1.9.1 (11 March 2011)

  • Fix bug when ShouldRaise context managers incorrectly reported what exception was incorrectly raised when the incorrectly raised exception was a KeyError.

1.9.0 (11 February 2011)

  • Added TestComponents for getting a sterile registry when testing code that uses zope.component.

1.8.0 (14 January 2011)

1.7.0 (20 January 2010)

  • fixed a bug where the @replace decorator passed a classmethod rather than the replacment to the decorated callable when replacing a classmethod
  • added set method to test_date, test_datetime and test_time to allow setting the parameters for the next instance to be returned.
  • added delta and delta_type parameters to test_date,test_datetime and test_time to control the intervals between returned instances.

1.6.2 (23 September 2009)

  • changed Comparison to use __eq__ and __ne__ instead of the deprecated __cmp__
  • documented that order matters when using Comparisons with objects that implement __eq__ themselves, such as instances of Django models.

1.6.1 (06 September 2009)

  • @replace and Replacer.replace can now replace attributes that may not be present, provided the strict parameter is passed as False.
  • should_raise now catches BaseException rather than Exception so raising of SystemExit and KeyboardInterrupt can be tested.

1.6.0 (09 May 2009)

  • added support for using TempDirectory, Replacer and LogCapture as context managers.
  • fixed test failure in Python 2.6.

1.5.4 (11 Feb 2009)

  • fix bug where should_raise didn’t complain when no exception was raised but one was expected.
  • clarified that the return of a should_raise call will be None in the event that an exception is raised but no expected exception is specified.

1.5.3 (17 Dec 2008)

  • should_raise now supports methods other than __call__

1.5.2 (14 Dec 2008)

  • added makedir and check_dir methods to TempDirectory and added support for sub directories to read and write

1.5.1 (12 Dec 2008)

  • added path parameter to write method of TempDirectory so that the full path of the file written can be easilly obtained

1.5.0 (12 Dec 2008)

  • added handy read and write methods to TempDirectory for creating and reading files in the temporary directory
  • added support for rich comparison of objects that don’t support vars()

1.4.0 (12 Dec 2008)

  • improved representation of failed Comparison
  • improved representation of failed compare with sequences

1.3.1 (10 Dec 2008)

  • fixed bug that occurs when directory was deleted by a test that use tempdir or TempDirectory

1.3.0 (9 Dec 2008)

  • added TempDirectory helper
  • added tempdir decorator

1.2.0 (3 Dec 2008)

  • LogCaptures now auto-install on creation unless configured otherwise
  • LogCaptures now have a clear method
  • LogCaptures now have a class method uninstall_all that uninstalls all instances of LogCapture. Handy for a tearDown method in doctests.

1.1.0 (3 Dec 2008)

  • add support to Comparisons for only comparing some attributes
  • move to use zope.dottedname

1.0.0 (26 Nov 2008)

  • Initial Release